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In this grand finale, on display are of some of my finest and most artistic flying machines.

16: TRIDENT 64

Not quite finished with the F-Zero designs, I created the Trident 64 as the final word for best control. As I had expected, it turned like a majestic sort of bird, but its ability to raise itself into the air over obstacles was nearly crippled after flying through a few firefights.


The Pride of Raputa flew peacefully and comfortably-- not via the spinning propellers however. We can pretend all we want that they support the craft, but it's really the giant "balloon" in the middle.


Another F-Zero racer was called upon when I realized I could push the craft off the ground with only one set of 'repulsors' in the middle-- not unlike a motorbike. The leaning through turns was the most satisfactory yet.


I needed a quick plan to provide cover for my various resistance members, and the Mobile Bunker was just that. As simple as it is, the clamshell design really appeals to me.


The TF2 Gunship was meant to take out Combine gunships, but sadly, HL2's programming only permits rocket propelled grenades to blow up Combine gunships, no matter how powerful your sentry guns are. Check out the nifty, erm... under glow? Another note: maps with good, wide spaces were running out.


Although it's slightly difficult to make out in this "dramatization," the Macross Minus is impressive from a distance, and astonishing up close. With a couple motorized joints (all for the gun-arm) and a sporty torso, it is truely one of my better creations. It's not particularly fun to drive, but controlling the gun-arm and mowing down waves of Combine is fantastic.


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