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I decided to play though Half Life 2 via Garry's Mod on the 8th of June, 2008. One of my obsessions in Garry's Mod is the creation of flying machines, and I'm taking this obsession to the max as I replay HL2 while piloting various absurd contraptions. There will be as many (or more!) hovercraft, airplanes, and rockets as there are maps without a ceiling.


Daring, dashing, and delightfully destructive, my first craft slapped together was sadly useless in the small, cramped map where you first feel the open air.


The somewhat disturbing image created by two spies hanging by invisble nooses was my effort to shield poor Dr. Kleiner from upcoming firefights as he bumbled along through the air. As it turns out, however, the Gmod chair-vehicles make your player invincible. Aiming was not easy with this sickening swivel chair.


Flying majestically over radioactive zombie-filled glop is this rocket/turboprop plane. We had some fun times, but this map turned out to be ill-fit for such a wide wingspan, as it ended in a tunnel.

04: CESSPALL "Designers Cut It"

The beautiful but virtually useless Cesspall DXI was designed for looks, not use. It flew like a fish tied to a balloon, an analogy made all the more accurate by the rudder that wasn't welded tightly enough to turn the craft. I still like the wings, though.

05: Hot Air Balloon

The simply but aptly named "Hot Air Balloon" was suspended only by G-Man's big head and a small thruster, but it flew like a dream. A scary, but enjoyable dream.


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