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There was a time in college when I was invited by my suite mates to play Guild Wars, a MMORPG fairly similar to World of Warcraft. Thankfully, I never did use my precious money on that software. This morning, however, I had a dream in which I supposedly was playing Guild Wars, but I’m willing to bet the real game has nothing to do with this craziness.

The mode of play I entered was called “Mammoth and Girl,” where you started out with two party members: a wooly mammoth, and a young girl somewhere around the age of 10. The goal was simply to find food, and it was difficult. I started out as the mammoth, and in a curious form of role playing, I actually was the mammoth, not just remotely through computer. And I was hungry.

We roamed an empty countryside, similar to the terrain in Shadow of the Colossus or Legend of Zelda. I found a gutted smelt lying around in the grass, and I assumed someone had came from the forest ahead and left it there. Just as we were about to enter the forest, we encountered a gangly, somewhat malnourished man who looked somewhat like myself. He joined our party, and immediately, I took the perspective of this equally hungry man.

Further events were unclear, but two more men and a single woman joined our party in search of food, and the other men seemed suspicious: one was jovial and irritating, the other seemed to be perpetually scheming. We came upon another party of food-searchers in a crevice above a river, and they tried to convince me these men were nothing but trouble. I reasoned that they had brought no harm to me as of yet, and the other party reluctantly invited our party to a meeting where we would discuss the location of food.

At this crowded meeting, which appeared to be in some sort of underground apartment living room, many heated debates were exchanged. The jovial, annoying guy started causing trouble out of boredom to my embarrassment, harassing other parties with a remote control car, which I eventually had to confiscate. As soon as I noticed our wooly mammoth was missing, I woke up and decided to have breakfast.