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The sci-fi thriller dream returns!

While I honestly can't remember the beginning of this dream, the last part is just too cool to let fall into the depths of my poor memory. This dream combines elements of Halo 3 and Half Life 2, despite the fact I have played neither of them in a decent amount of time.

I and a mysterious, female mercenary-type character had been fighting our way into an enemy monitoring facility. It's a pity I can't remember what she looked like-- she was probably based off of someone from reality. This monitoring facility was rumored to be run by a famous figure in the enemy forces, a shady looking man who was as slippery as oiled ice. The goal of this facility was to find a way into an ancient facility at the bottom of the ocean, to recover some sort of superweapon. Obviously, this didn't bode well with us.

After fighting our way through innumerable floating and spider-like droids with Half Life 2 style sub machine guns, we made it to a control center. At that point, a guy not unlike the amusing Indian man in Short Circuit showed up. He even had thick glasses and accent to match. We waited for him to operate the computer equipment, when he came to the conclusion that the leader was not in the facility. My eyes widened in horror at the realization that they must have triggered some sort of transit system between this facility and the ancient underwater laboratory-- at which point, a cutscene showed the terrifying truth. The leader had walked out on a metal dock outside the facility, and at its end, circular ripples of quickly increasing intensity had appeared. A beam of light shot out of its center, where he strode arrogantly off the deck and into it! Suddenly underwater, the cutscene displayed the scheming leader descending rapidly into the depths inside a shimmering bubble-like container.

That was no good. We ran to an underwater operations locker room, where lockers were lined up next to an enormous tunnel that led to the ocean. Unfortunately, the lockers appeared to be all empty. At the 10th or so locker to the east wall of the concrete, floorless room, I suddenly heard a low rumbling followed by a nerve-racking gurgling. Turning around, I saw the biggest silhouette of a shark ever seen! Somehow I knew they were called "kamen," which could be straddled and ridden like some sort of sea... horse.

Pun aside, this thing was terrifying. I slammed myself into the locker I had just opened, and the female mercenary did likewise. I called out, "What's the odds of a Kamen rider surviving [his first taming]?!" The reply was "One in thirty-thousand!" I didn't like these odds, so I let whats-her-face use some sort of electrified probe to shock the shark to death. It didn't enjoy this, and went about throwing itself out of the water at the lockers. Thankfully, it kept targeting the lockers to the left of me, but even so, I was paralyzed in fear. After a few minutes, it finally turned belly up and died, but the structural damage to the lockers was immense. I heard metallic scraping and felt a shift in altitude, but I honestly didn't want to come out of that locker. Someone started pounding on my locker, and with an Indian accent gurgled, "You've got to get out of there, Freeman!" That was when I noticed the water rapidly coming through the locker's base. I emerged to a shrill, gurgling scream: half of our technician was protruding from the gaping maw of yet another enormous "kamen!" I rapidly got behind the sinking wall of lockers, knowing I couldn't stay there forever due to lack of air. The enormous silhouette was now approaching from the left, worming its way between the broken lockers and the tunnel wall. WHAT WOULD HAPPEN?

I haven't the foggiest, as at that point, my watch's alarm went off.