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Today I returned to a more normal dream of mine, one in which there's sci-fi action.

Unfortunately, it's difficult to remember much more than the finale. The premise is this: it's Christmas time, but the world has been taken over by the evil forces of the Combine, a interplanetary race that builds its armies by converting species into cybernetic, mindless soldiers. I, among many other people, were trying to not raise their attention while at the same time making everything as difficult for the Combine as possible-- not unlike the French Resistance during World War II. As time passed by, however, more and more people were giving up and being converted into the famed, mindless cybernetic soldiers, who were often garbed in black military suits with a full helmet or some sort of gas mask.

The finale of our adventure came about when the Combine leader was marching with an enormous formation of soldiers down a large, brick street downtown. Many people were watching from hidden locations, including myself. I was hidden in the shadows at the corner of a building's side and a fence, watching hundreds of soldiers pass by in a tight, three-by-two-hundred pack. Each soldier was in black military garb, with black helmets sporting a single, red, circular visor. It gave people the impression these people only had one enormous eye, and in the dim light of the evening, they were particularly imposing. I knew I didn't want to be caught at first, but when stragglers behind the pack noticed me, I came out willingly, with my hands behind my head. The entire formation turned around, including the leader, who was hidden in this mech-type machine. I moved to the center of the pack, facing the hundreds of soldiers, when suddenly, three other resistance members appeared with me! All together, two others and myself gave as hard a push as we could to the soldiers in the back with no fear of our own safety. I then noticed that one of the people who ran to my location had jumped over me (I believe he had some special boots that allowed him to make absurd jumps), and was transversing the mass of soldiers even as every soldier behind him toppled onto another, creating a massive domino chain of falling soldiers. My first person perspective was abruptly abandoned as this man jumped off of the last soldier row, threw a globby explosive at the mech's feet, and jumped again off of the mech's head as an enormous explosion blew the lead machine to pieces!

As for the aftermath, my suitemates (from Honor's Hall) and I discussed what was going to happen to the city (and world, perhaps) at an outdoor cafe. Of course, we also discussed how awesome that last "battle" was. When I got up, I noticed a Combine sign that spanned several parking spaces that read "Business is Bad for Holiday Spirit!" which was actually designed to encourage people to stay in their homes. I kicked it over, which evoked mild applause from the people around me. And that was when I woke up.