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I suppose I should thank one of my suitemates, Kevin, for playing his loud music around 8:20 in the morning. Had he not woken me up and irritated me greatly, I would not have fallen back asleep later and had these two particularly vivid dreams.

For the first time in a while, I had a dream in the first person. Usually it can shift between first and third, sometimes even second! But anyway, I was at a nice but generic museum, which I noticed featured aircraft, archeology, paleontology, and other somewhat interesting things. I think it might have been based off of a picture I saw in a brochure for a WSU program, "In the Footsteps of Vikings," where wealthy individuals pay thousands of dollars to go on a field trip across Europe, visiting a multitude of cities and museums. We entered a magnificent, enormous main hall where stairs on the left side of the hall went to several different exhibits. There was also a biplane hanging in the far corner of the hall. I was joined by a variety of people from Honors Hall, my brother, and, for some reason, Julia (aka Sapphira). I wanted to explore the museum in her company, but she was already surrounded by a decent group, and I didn't wish to disturb her. I only saw Collin once; I suspected he took off to the aeronautics areas before anybody even saw them.

I sauntered around aimlessly, for quite a time, until I ran into Heidi, an attractive girl of semi-small stature who is in my Honors Seminar class (which is on Vikings). As usual, she appeared expressionless and silent. In reality, her average level of silence exceeds even my own. I don't quite remember what sort of exchange took place, but I ended up walking around with her. It was at this point that I noticed patches of ice on the floor, which was suspicious, but fun. I took my time sliding across each of them. After not too long, I grew uncomfortable, because Heidi and I weren't really talking, and of course, it was just the two of us. I ran up a flight of stairs and ran down another, without any purpose in mind other than entertaining myself. I returned to the main area, and found none other than grape juice! People were serving grape juice at multiple folding tables, and of course I couldn't resist. At that time, however, I was informed that Heidi had fractured her leg somehow. I was pretty sure it involved the ice. At that point, I felt extremely guilty for having run off and indulged in grape juice, so I decided to bring some to the first aid area. The plastic cups were of obnoxiously flimsy material, so it wasn't easy.

I never made it to the first aid area, because a new dream began. I was back home in the family's computer room, and I appeared to be watching some sort of anime dramatization of my 7th grade problems with Biology class, which was taught by a middle aged, female teacher who loved to poke fun at my mannerisms. I don't remember much about the show other than the main character (me?!) crawled through an air duct to get into class one day. It was really quite bizarre.