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   The weather lady didn't look too concerned as she rambled about some sort of tornado headed for southern Washington. I squinted at the odd shape on the screen; it looked more like a miniature hurricane than a tornado. Needless to say, it caused quite an uproar in my household when it the sharp winds and cylindrical cloud formation centered itself over our location. At the front of our house, I spotted a peculiar ribbed cone sticking out of the center of the clouds over us, and then I knew who it was. Aliens were attacking! Somehow we knew our backyard was center to their attack efforts, but first, we were forced to hide and defend ourselves from several snaking probes that wormed their way into our house. They appeared to be small lenses attached to animated Ethernet cables. At this point, I suddenly wielded an awesome backsword which I used to decapitate these intruding cables. The sword was of curious design; it had a large single edged blade shaped from what must have been an enormous ruby, with a silvery-gold patterned hilt. The hilt extended onto the top of the blade as some sort of reinforcer. As soon as the probing attacks halted, we vaulted for the backyard, where we knew instinctively something was awry. Indeed, various creatures had started digging into the ground! I'm not sure where my sister was, but the rest of my family attacked, armed with their own peculiar swords. We were up against a horrific onslaught of creatures appearing from points unseen. The most notable were Stalfos (skeleton-like creatures from Legend of Zelda). As my family struggled to defend our home, I began to dig with my sword in the area the hidden aliens and their cohorts had unearthed. I nearly shed a tear as I looked over to see my father's skeleton, but then noticed that he had somehow respawned. When a strange circular symbol appeared in the dust, I raised my sword and stabbed it, Shadow of the Colossus style, into the center. Suddenly, the entire backyard crumbled and fell into a dark underground chamber!