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// "It's a nice day," I thought to myself. "I should really take some pictures!"

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The Louisiana bridge provides a nice view of the lake.
The eastern bank. My high school is very near the opposite shore.
A distant, unoccuppied bench...
I wondered, for a moment, what a picture through the canopy would look like.

This small scenic detour on the eastern bank made for many good pictures... this one...

...and that one...


The little aluminum bridge over there makes a nice background.

It's a BOID!

Moving southward; there's that scenic detour I mentioned.

It's a FOISH! Two o' them?

Shadows and Distant Ducks

The Unoccupied Bench Admires the Aluminum Bridge

A neat fountain, near "Lion's Island" (not pictured).

There were tons of fish hovering around the Japanese garden island, my last destination.

...Maybe it's because there's no fishing allowed on this island.

It's a ROIBIN! On the... on the bench.

I love this picture, personally. It gives you plenty to stare at.

The Japanese garden island is truly one of the greatest features of Lake Sakajawea.